How To Choose The Right Paint Brush For Your Paint And Sip Class

When it comes to paint and sip, what quickly comes to mind is a party and not a class. Of course, ‘paint and sip’ is more of a party than a class, but you should never forget that you are going there to create a piece of painting after all.  visit to know more update about right paint brush for your paint shop.

Hence, as you think of the fun, you should also get prepared to bring your artistic skills to work and create something you would always love to see after the party ends. 

Of course, I know you would love whatever image you create since you are not a professional painter. Nevertheless, you will feel better if your piece of painting is something you can proudly call your handiwork. Isn’t it? You know I got you there. Click here to read about How To Hold Paint And Sip Party For Beginners In Melbourne.

So, which one would you prefer instead? A piece of painting that you will be proud to hang in your living room for everyone to see or a shabby one that you will hide in your bedroom just for remembrance’s sake. I guess you would prefer the former. 

Now, you need to know that the kind of paintbrush you use to paint at the party will have a significant impact on good your painting would be. That is why you need to carefully select your paintbrush (and other painting kits) before you go on to attend a paint and sip party.

Meanwhile, choosing the right paintbrush for your next paint and sip party can be somewhat challenging. Why? Painting requires adding several effects to make the piece look more authentic. And, you will need to get the right painting tools to achieve all the products perfectly. 

Wait. You don’t have to fret. I know you are not a professional artist, so it might be somewhat tricky for you to know the right paintbrush to use. That is why I am writing this detailed article to show you how you can choose a perfect paintbrush to make come up with a sensational painting that will wow your friends.

To help you further, I have simplified the process to be clear to a layman like you. Let’s go into the details.

How to choose the right paintbrush for your paint and sip class 

Let me start with this vital hint. 

Since you might not know which paintbrush to use, being a novice, I will advise that you try different shapes. For instance, it is good for you to start with only bristle rounds. If that doesn’t work well for you, feel free to switch to only flats. And if you still can’t get the perfect picture you want, you can go for filberts.

Don’t forget that you are just learning how to use the paintbrush, so it might take time to get familiar with the shapes. Remember the saying practice makes perfect. So, what are the things you need to know to choose the right paintbrush? Let’s start by learning the types of brush you can use.

Two Types of Paintbrush 

Note that I classify the paintbrushes by the hair they use. By implication, the two types of paintbrushes we have are:

1. Bristle brush

Bristle paintbrushes come with more substantial, thicker, and sometimes rougher hair. Back in the day, they make bristles from the hair of animals such as wild hogs. But, recently, there are many bristle paintbrushes made of synthetic fibers in the market. For a beginner like you, a bristle paintbrush can be a perfect option as it can hold a high volume of paint. Do you know what that means? You can do the bulk of your painting conveniently without wasting time on punching. Bristles are suitable especially for covering larger areas. 

2. Sable brush

Sables brushes come with finer and softer hair. They are products of soft animal hair like mongoose or mink. You can also get synthetic sables in the present market. They are very common as well. You can use sables to blend edges and create soft and subtle marks. You will also enjoy using smaller sable brushes to add fine details and finishing touches.

Now, to help you choose the right paintbrush for your paint and sip party, you need to know about the marks that each type of brush makes.

  • Bristle marks

Bristle brushes make rougher marks on the canvas, and you quickly see the paint strokes without straining your eyes. That is why professional painters call it ‘painterly’ strokes. You can take advantage of its rough look to add texture and variety to your painting. Remember that you want to use it at a paint and sip party. So, you need something that will give you less stress. 

  • Sable marks 

Sables brushes make clean marks, but the paint strokes are not as bold as that of bristles. Sometimes, you might need to take a deep glance before you notice the patterns. However, a sable brush is your best option if you want your painting to look more realistic. 

Meanwhile, you need to know that both of these paintbrushes come in different sizes and shapes. They are from either synthetic fiber or natural animal hair. Generally, you can use bristles to make rough marks, while sables are good for smoother strokes.  

To help you make an informed decision, I will introduce you to the three shapes of paintbrushes.

The three paintbrush shapes

  • Round brushes

Round-shaped paintbrushes are the most common. They always look like large needles or sharp teardrops. You can start your drawing with a smaller round brush and then use bigger ones to fill large areas. 

  • Flat brushes 

Flat brushes come in a rectangular shape. They seem to be the next standard shape in the market. You can use a flat paintbrush to make chisel-like lines and square marks. They are best for portrait painting which is most common at paint and sip parties.

Filbert brushes 

Filbert brushes are less common in the market but are more efficient. They give you a perfect blend of round and flat. They come in a rectangular shape like flat and have a point-like end like round. If you go for your paint and sip party with a filbert brush, it will make your painting easy and more fun.


Your choice of paint will determine how much you will enjoy your paint and sip party. However, many ignore their painting tolls since it’s all about catching fun. But, they would wish they had gone with something better when their painting comes out bad. This guide will help you to choose the right brush that will bring out your artistic ability at the party. 

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